A series of samples of bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet series

Royal mud square is the brand of skin care products with the mask as the core. The brand name comes from the "Royal mud" raw material which has been paid tribute to the court and became the product of the beauty of the palace. The Royal Square mud "Royal mud" ancient processing extraction essence, taking advantage of the e-commerce channels of ancient heritage skin.

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Wenzhou Alex Hua Tian display design and production Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is a design, production, installation as one of the production enterprises.
The company is located in Cangnan County pier Industrial Zone No. 102, covers an area of 16000 square meters, construction area of 21000 square meters, the company's total assets of 40 million yuan.
The company now has 195 employees, including 9 designers, 1 design directors, and complete automation of machinery, capable of shopping malls, store counter design and production.
The company's existing processing equipment 162, with material, carpentry, paint, glass installation and electrical assembly processing conditions improve, not only can make all kinds of design results quickly into a finished product, but also can effectively ensure the quality of products, make all kinds of finished products are to comply with the relevant national standards.


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Wenzhou Alex Hua Tian display design Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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